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Making a move to smaller quarters or embarking upon a life change is stressful for everyone.  For some, it could mean saying goodbye to a childhood home, for others it could be leading to an unwelcome loss of independence.  At Smooth Transitions® of Central Ohio, we work with clients throughout the moving process to shoulder the emotional and physical burden of downsizing. 


Smooth Transitions® is a full-service senior move management organization which provides complete relocation assistance as well as a full menu of consulting and individual services to meet your needs.   Let the professionals at Smooth Transitions® support your family through an uncertain time; your loved ones and your move will be in capable hands.  

About Us

Founded by Barbara Morris in Louisville, KY, in 1995, Smooth Transitions® is the largest senior move management company in the world, with 51 locations in the US, Canada and New Zealand.  


The Central Ohio Smooth Transitions® team is comprised of diverse career professionals who are dedicated to providing solutions for families faced with the challenges and uncertainty that often surround senior relocation.  Both locally and worldwide, Smooth Transitions® prides itself on offering affordable, compassionate service to seniors and their adult children.


When It Is Time To Downsize...

Every Situation and family is different. At Smooth Transitions, we are here to help you navigate a difficult move as smoothly as possible.  Whether you just need direction for you and your family to do it yourselves, or you need the complete solution provided by our professionals, we are here for you.

Moving can be very difficult for you and your family.  The stress of deciding and sorting what to keep, sell, donate, or recycle, changing utilities, packing, coordinating the move, unpacking, readying house for sale, selling valuables, donating items, finding a Realtor, selecting lawyers and more.

All of it can be overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be.  Smooth transitions provides the peace of mind that a compassionate professional is there every step of the way, coordinating everything with the same personal attention and care that you and your family would give.

Make This A Smooth Transition...

Prepare For The Transition

  • We thoughtfully sort and decide what to keep, sell, donate, or recycle.

  • We sort, scan, and shred documents.

  • We organize and clear out the old home.

  • We work with Real Estate professionals to prepare the home for sale.

Reduce The Cost Of Transitioning

  • Using reputable estate sales and auction companies.

  • Managing estate dispersals.

  • Maximizing deductible donations.

  • Recycling items that can't be sold or donated.

Same Heart. New Home.

  • We work together to develop a personalize moving plan to meet your needs.

  • We completely unpack and set up the new home.

  • We handle all the details, from unpacking the toothbrush, to setting up the TV remote, to making the bed.

  • We place things where they belong to make you feel at home.

Other Services

  • Complete move management and coordination

  • Organizing and decluttering.

  • Staging house for resale.

  • providing estate inventories.


Keep What Makes It Home...

To some, it may seem like a broken brooch, a loose button, or some other item to be tossed.

But to you, it is a symbol of a timeless love from times past and it is more valuable to you than anything else.  We understand.

Your Smooth Transitions team has the tools and expertise to help you and your family decide what you wish to keep, recycle, donate, sell, and - most importantly - move to the new home.  We then work with you to make all that possible.